Welcome to Anatheria!

Anatheria is a virtual pet site that was created to allow people of all ages to own and play with any creature they may desire.

Why create a virtual pet?

It may be the case that you are not allowed to have a real pet, you cannot afford a real pet, you do not want to clean up after one, or you would like to have a pet that does not exist. The virtual pets available on Anatheria are either based on a domestic animal, a wild animal, or a mythical creature.

Learning to grow.

Anatheria is continuously growing. It is a unique virtual pet site allowing users of all ages to adopt realistic, wild, and mythical creatures; and they can take care of them in a fun, loveable, and educational environment.

Why Anatheria?

Anatheria has games so users can earn Anthars to spend on keeping your virtual pets fed and happy.
There are many toys to play with and a variety of food & drink to consume.
Users can interact with each other on the forums and clubs; they may also correspond via the personal messaging system.
Anatheria has an Arena, so users can power up their virtual pets to fight the plushies that torment us.

We welcome everyone!

Anatheria allows users to individualise themselves on the forums by allowing them to customise their profile, use avatars on the forums, set a custom signature, and communicate publicly. Users can also decorate their shops with blogs and style their virtual pets in so many different ways.

Rules and Terms of Service.

Please make sure you read the News, Rules, Terms of Service, and Frequently Asked Questions very well, as doing so will make Anatheria more understandable and accessible for you. If you're ever unsure about something, feel free to use the Help board on the forums.