Your Account

Do not share your password as this can compromise your accounts security.

Do not create multiple accounts. You may only access one account. Users found to own or be accessing multiple accounts will have all offending accounts frozen.

Shared accounts are not allowed as this provides an unfair advantage over other users. If your account is found to be shared it will be frozen.

If inappropriate content was created by your account, it will be assumed that you did it. Excuses of your account being used or abused by someone else will not be taken into consideration, unless your account was genuinely hacked from another computer. If your computer is shared, don't allow your browser to save the password and log out when you have finished playing Anatheria.
No Cheating

Do not indulge in the use of automatic scripts such as refreshers, autobuyers/sellers or key pressers.

Do not use external software to gain an advantage over other users.

Do not take advantage of any errors/bugs/glitches. All errors/bugs/glitches should be reported to Pyroneus. Any user found to intentionally exploiting an error/bug/glitch will be frozen.
Do Not File False Reports

Do not improperly use the report system or send false reports to the staff.
Inappropriate User/Pet Names

Do not create accounts or pets with inappropriate names. Anatheria reserves the right to change, without notice, the name of any pet that is in violation of our site rules. This includes, but not limited to, names containing or intending to represent swear words, sexually explicit words or topics, or hate speech. Anything that is filtered on the forums may not be used as a pet name.
Pet Overlays

You are allowed to use a custom image representing your pet to overlay on the original pet image as long as the pets name, true colour, species, owner and stats are still visible and not misrepresented in any way. Misrepresenting any of these details is not allowed. In short, overlays are okay as long as text stats are not covered, and current, unaltered official art is not used.
Sale of Anatheria Inspired Items (Commissions)

Physical and digital re-creations of official Anatheria art (Comissions) must be sold on site for on site currency. Do not attempt to sell these items off site or for real/off site currency.
Solicitation of Staff

Do not attempt to hire artists, programmers, or any sort of staff for your own site.